129 Hawke Street

129 Hawke Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003
photographer: Stephen Hatcher

Also known as
Previous Address
Constructed 5/08/1884
Style Victorian : 1840-1890
Builder Taylor, R – Spencer Street West Melbourne

Timelapse Building Images

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Land Details

  1. 1895 MMBW Map. source: http://maps.melbourne.vic.gov.au/
  2. 2. Compiled Crown Record Plan showing Mr. Barrett was the first crown land purchaser of lot 14, section 56.   source: http://maps.melbourne.vic.gov.au

Building Details

Notice of intent to build.

Street address: Hawke

Application number: 1009.

Application date 5/8/1884

Owner & Builder: R. Taylor, Spencer Street, West Melbourne. (Robert Taylor lived at number 1 Linton Terrace which was later renumbered 596 Spencer Street, after the 1885 Sands & McDougall Melbourne Directory, page 55)

Application Fee: 3.10.0

Type: two 8 room two story houses, with a private back yard garden. (127 & 129 Hawke Street)

Source; Burchett Index.

Other significant building works carried out by Mr. R. Taylor will be updated here soon.

(Mr. Robert Taylor was one of the 11 member committee for the creation of the North Melbourne Recreation Reserve in 1892 from a report in the North Melbourne Advertiser. Committee members from Hotham Council included the Mayor Cr. Costello, Councillors John Barwise, James Henry Gardiner and Thomas Fogerty)

Source: North Melbourne Advertiser, 14/10/1892, page 3.

The two houses at 127 and 129 Hawke Street were still under construction in 1885 when Council recorded rates.

Source; Melbourne Council Rate Book 1885, Public Records Office of Victoria.

Subsequent Building Alterations

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Architectural Features

  • Gate
    Cast Iron

    photographer Stephen Hatcher

  • Fence

    photographer Stephen Hatcher

  • Fin Wall

    photographer Stephen Hatcher

  • Building Ornamentation

    photographer Stephen Hatcher

  • Building Ornamentation

    photographer Stephen Hatcher

Heritage Significance and Listings

Heritage Listings and Explanatory Notes


From To Owner More Info Data Source
1975 to date Private Hatcher Index
1968 1974 Ostaldo & Ercole Cerrati Hatcher Index
1959 1966 Carlo Pallozzi & Giovanni Delgrosso Hatcher Index
1955 1958 Nicola & Michele Guida Hatcher Index
1954 1954 Helen Teller Hatcher Index
1912 1953 John Henry Dott Hatcher Index
1908 1911 Sarah Taylor Hatcher Index
1894 1907 Robert & Sarah Taylor Hatcher Index
Mr. Barrett Compiled Crown Record Plan
abt 40 thousand years earlier 1835 Boon Wurrung and Woiwurrung (Wurundjeri) peoples of the Kulin Nation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Victoria Hatcher Index


From To Resident More Info Data Source
1975 to date Private Hatcher Index
1968 1974 Ostaldo & Ercole Cerrati Hatcher Index
1960 1967 Giovanni Delgrosso & Carlo Pallozzi Hatcher Index
1955 1958 Nicola & Michele Guida Hatcher Index
1954 1954 Helen Teller Hatcher Index
1950 1953 Katherine Hawkins Hatcher Index
1947 1949 Henry & Katherine Hawkins Hatcher Index
1943 1946 Eric George Perry Hatcher Index
1941 1942 Arthur Thomas Perry Hatcher Index
1939 1940 James Patrick Kelly Hatcher Index
1936 1937 Patrick Fowler Hatcher Index
1935 1935 William Timms Hatcher Index
1934 1934 Muriel Neylow Hatcher Index
1932 1932 Anna Rowlands Hatcher Index
1927 1931 Hannah Broadhead Hatcher Index
1924 1926 Ester Barton Hatcher Index
1921 1923 William Connlly [sic] Hatcher Index
1919 1920 Herbert Jackson Hatcher Index
1916 1918 Arthur Cunningham Hatcher Index
1915 1915 Harold Brown Hatcher Index
1914 1914 Michael Canny Hatcher Index
1911 1913 Michael J McGrath Hatcher Index
1909 1910 William Spencer Hatcher Index
1908 1908 Robert King Hatcher Index
1907 1907 Andrew Brown Hatcher Index
1904 1906 William Spencer Hatcher Index
1900 1903 Archibald Walter Hatcher Index
1899 1899 Archibald Luff Hatcher Index
1894 1898 John & Mary Cody Hatcher Index
1890 1891 Mrs. Hughes Hatcher Index
1986 1889 Mrs. Elizabeth Matthews Hatcher Index

Social History

John Cody, (1841-1916) son of John and Anastasia Cody, (nee Walsh) of Mullinahone, Tipperary, Ireland and wife Mary (1858-1931), daughter of Andrew and Alice Lawrence, (nee Direen) lived at 129 Hawke Street, West Melbourne with their children, Anastasia, Alice, John, Honoria, Mary and Andrew Cody.

Source: Sands & McDougall Melbourne directory 1895, page 32. Additional information from the Cody family.

John and Mary Cody, (nee Lawrence).

John and Mary Cody” Stewart and Co., 286 Bourke Street c 1900.

Source: City of Melbourne Libraries, donor was Tom McCarthy.


The children of John and Mary Cody, (nee Lawrence).

Source: Births, Deaths & Marriages Victoria.


1901. Mr. J Cody was a keen breeder of birds, having won a prize in cocks with a specimen of fair size, good plumage, and shown in good condition.

Source: Melbourne Weekly Times, 24/8/1901, page 43.

Context and Streetscape


North and West Melbourne Heritage Precinct and the HO3 (North & West Melbourne Precinct)

This property resides within the municipality of the City of Melbourne.
We respectfully acknowledge it is on the traditional land of the Kulin Nation.
source: https://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/SiteCollectionDocuments/history-city-of-melbourne.pdf
historical map source: https://www.slv.vic.gov.au/search-discover/explore-collections-format/maps/maps-melbourne-city-suburbs


This streetscape contains a mix of Victorian and later era buildings that form a well preserved group from a similar period or style and because they are socially and historically significant buildings for the early development of North & West Melbourne in their own right.

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