15 Hawke Street

15 Hawke Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003
photographer: Stephen Hatcher, 2019

Also known as
Previous Address
Constructed 4/7/1853
Style Victorian, Mid: 1860-1875
Builder Colin Campbell

Timelapse Building Images


This site originally contained 6 Victorian terrace homes.

Photographer Stephen Hatcher

2 story Victorian home.

Land Details

Building Details

Melbourne council building registration number 1083 .

A list of other buildings associated with Colin Campbell in Melbourne.

Architects Building Type
84286 Campbell, Colin Fitzroy VIC Houses Armson, F – 4 Fitzroy St. Coll 1853 05 3 686
84393 Campbell, Colin Fitzroy VIC Houses Armson, J F – Collingwood 1853 07 29 1255
77258 Campbell, Colin – Melbourne West Melbourne VIC Houses Campbell, Colin 1853 07 4 1083
77259 Campbell, Colin – Hawke St West Melbourne VIC Houses Campbell, Colin 1853 11 23 2164
77260 Campbell, Colin – Hawke St West Melbourne VIC Factories Campbell, Colin 1853 12 20 2382
12149 Reed & Barnes Campbell, Colin Carlton VIC Exhibition Buildings Armson, F – 4 Fitzroy St. Coll 1879 2 19 686
12256 Durrell, George W Campbell, Colin NSW Factories Armson, J F – Collingwood 1898 1 8 1255


Subsequent Building Alterations

Colin Campbell’s two brick and bluestone homes were demolished in the early 1970’s and the current Miami Hotel is on this land.

Architectural Features

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Heritage Significance and Listings

Heritage Listings and Explanatory Notes


From To Owner More Info Data Source
1889 James Oliver


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Social History

Melbourne council rates book states the owner of the land at 15 Hawke Street was James Oliver and the occupier of the brick house of 8 rooms was James Irvine.

VPRS 5708, 1889 Melbourne Council rates book. #607

Context and Streetscape




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