16 Wood Street

16 Wood Street
North Melbourne VIC 3051
Also known as
Previous Address Source: Photo: Melbourne Council photo archives

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Owners and Residents

From To Owner More Info Data Source
1918 Anne Donovan Melbourne Council Rates Book 1918

Social History

William Donovan

Herald, Jun 14th 1897 page 2

William Donovan

North Melbourne Courier, May 27th 1898, page 2

Eliza McCarthy

Argus, Feb 3rd 1908 page 1

Property owner name: Anne Donovan, name of occupier: George D McCarthy

Melbourne council rates book, VPRS 5708, 1918 Hopetoun Ward rate nos. 2900

Anne Donovan

Melbourne Advocate. Oct 11th 1923 page 17

Context and Streetscape



GRZ2 (General Residential Zone 2)
DDO66 (DDO66 Hospital Helicopter Flight Path Outer Area)
HO3 (North & West Melbourne Precinct)


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