17 Abbotsford Street

17 Abbotsford Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003
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Conversion to residential usage is a positive option for this early industrial site, however a maximum build height of not more than 3 levels across the entire site would have been a better community outcome rather than the local council ‘approved’ eleven levels. Eleven levels is just too highly intense in nature for this area. On top of that, they offer the community a less than satisfactory, token gesture of minimal additional greenspace available on the site when compared to the thousands of people who are intended to live there, to woo the surrounding neighborhood.

As an industrial factory conversion alternative project nearby showed the conversion and redevelopment of 25 Arden Street ‘Bulla Cream Factory’ into three level residential housing whilst maintaining the heritage of the existing building. That would have to be considered close to the ‘Gold Standard’ of industrial-to-residential-conversions within North and West Melbourne.

It is unfortunate they are not preserving and maintaining a greater amount of the heritage building structure than what is being proposed, doing so would have been a more favorable community outcome.

Flats like those proposed, tend to be occupied predominately by tenants rather than owner occupiers. Flats wear out faster and end up becoming far less ‘aspirational’ environments to live in than stand alone housing. Owners and renters prefer housing that’s been built to similar build heights and architectural styles of the surrounding Victorian streetscape. Even more so, when those single and two story homes have their own private back yard garden space, an ample supply of on street parking and are walking distance away from a large park.

2016. J. Gadsden Pty Ltd operated a factory on this site and have vacated it to a developer to build a 9 level highrise block of flats with zero open air, back yard garden space for any of the individual units.

Developers application

Application number TP-2016-970/A
Date received 23/08/2019
Address 17-37 Abbotsford Street West Melbourne 3003
Proposal Construction of a multi storey mixed use development including the use of land for a food and drink premises, reduction in the standard car parking requirements and a waiver of loading bay requirement

source https://www.trustadvocate.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/West_Melbourne_Heritage_Review_2016_Statements_of_Significance.pdf


source The Indipendant 1897

1881. Glasgow Iron Works, Abbotsford Street West Melbourne.

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