171 Curzon Street

171 Curzon Street
North Melbourne VIC 3051
photographer: Felicity Jack 2020

Also known as The Nene Valley Hotel 1874-1926, rebuilt and renamed The Albion [8] 1926-2002, rebadged in 2003 as The Curzon.
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View across a wide street to the Albion Hotel on the corner (name visible under the words, “Carlsens Carlton Ale” at the top of the building). Man and boy standing near horse trough in front of the hotel. Large herd of cattle in the middle of the street with person on horseback at the rear. Houses and gasometer visible in the background. Other people, dog and vehicles visible in the background.
photograph gelatin silver 7.5 x 9.5 cm (irregular) mounted on card 15.2 x 10.1 cm.

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State Libary of Victoria

July 2019

Felicity Jack

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The Nene Valley Hotel 1874-1926, rebuilt and renamed The Albion [8] 1926-2002, rebadged in 2003 as The Curzon.

The names

Both of the earlier names for this hotel reflect links. with England. The Nene Valley is in Northampton. Albion is a name for Britain derived from the Latin albus meaning white. Albion is used in many parts of Australia as a hotel name as are The Hibernian (Hibernia being the Latin name for Ireland) and The Caledonian (coming from a Latin name for Scotland).

High up on the Haines and Curzon Street walls, beside the name Albion, are representations of ‘faces’ (Latin for a tied bundle of sticks). In Ancient Rome, this symbol communicated the idea that ‘Unity is strength’. A bundle of tied sticks was carried before Roman senators on their way to the senate.

Historic Pubs of North Melbourne by Hotham History Project.

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