172 Dryburgh Street

172 Dryburgh Street
North Melbourne VIC 3051
Rob Oke
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Detail of 1950’s aerial photo of North Melbourne.

State Library of Victoria.

Land Details

1. 1895 MMBW map showing the location of the Laurel Hotel on the corner of Wood and Dryburgh Street North Melbourne.

2. Compiled Crown Record Plan showing Mr J. Huggins as the first crown land purchaser.

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Social History

1897. FIRE.-About 1.48 p.m. on Wednesday, a fire broke out in a three-roomed weatherboard cottage in Wood-street, near the Laurel Hotel. The property, which was an old one, burnt quickly, and was soon pretty well gutted. It was rented by a man named Chas. English, who occupied one room, and let the other two. He was absent at the time of the outbreak, which his son says was caused by a kerosene lamp upsetting.
The small quantity of furniture burnt was covered by insurance. it-is not known how the house stands in this respect. The North Melbourne branch of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, under Superintendent Mason, and firemen from other stations were quickly in attendance, and prevented further damage by the fire.

North Melbourne Courier

The City Coroner held an inquest on Monday last at Newmarket on the body of Michael Campbell, aged 30, a carpenter, who was found dead on the railway at Ascot Vale on Monday. The witnesses examined were Elizabeth Campbell, wife of deceased , Edwin Knight, a boy 12 years of age, who first discovered the body ; Heather Dunlop, sergeant of police; John Hyland Germaine, landlord of the Laurel Hotel ; Robert Dight, engine driver ; and Dr. J. Campbell. From their evidence it would appear that about eight o’clock on Saturday evening the deceased left home to get two bottles of beer at the Laurel Hotel, where he partook of four glasses of ale and remained about an hour.


Melbourne Leader

At half-past 11 o’clock on Saturday morning a fire occurred at the Laurel Hotel, occupied by Mr. George Clayton, at the corner of Dryburgh and Wood streets, Hotham-hill, resulting in tho almost total destruction of the hotel premises and an adjoining three roomed weatherboard cottage, occupied by John Gallagher. The hotel premises were composed of a two story front brick building, with five weatherboard rooms at the back, which were used as a parlour, sleeping apartments, and kitchen. Mrs. Clayton was engaged cooking the dinner in the kitchen, and during her temporary absence the strong wind which was blowing scattered some sparks from the fireplace, and caused the light inflammable structure to ignite. The whole building was quickly in flames, and although the Hotham, Carlton, Albion, and Insurance brigades were promptly in attendance, they were unable to do more than save the brick portion of the place from destruction. A difficulty was experienced in the water supply, the pressure being very light, and the brigades were in consequence prevented from bringing the whole of their available resources into active service. The five weather-board rooms and the adjoining cottage were completely destroyed, and the hotel was damaged to some extent. The hotel, furniture, and effects were covered by insurance in the Australia Felix office, and the cottage was insured m the National office for £150.

The Argus

1875. CRICKET.
A special meeting of the Hotham-hill Club will be held this evening, at Clayton’s Laurel Hotel, Hotham-hill.

The Age

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