2.2 Hawke Street

2.2 Hawke Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003
West Melbourne Heritage Review 2016

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Constructed 1900

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Land Details

Building Details

Mature elms (`Ulmus sp.’) were planted in West Melbourne streets and reserves, as shown on MMBW Detail Plans and the 1945 aerial photography of West Melbourne. These surviving trees are an indication of planting styles of the Victorian and Edwardian-eras before a more varied palette of tree selection was pursued post World War One.

• large elm (`Ulmus’ sp.) -37.806104, 144.947706 on the Hawke and Curzon Street Reserve

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Heritage Significance and Listings

Heritage Listings and Explanatory Notes

This mature elm (`Ulmus sp.’) is significant historically and aesthetically and for its rarity in West Melbourne.

Why is it significant?

This mature elm (`Ulmus sp.’) is significant.

• Historically, as an indication of tree planting and selection in the Victorian and Edwardian-eras with the goal of beautification and creation of shade;

• Aesthetically, for the form and maturity as planted in a reserve where its growth pattern has been relatively unhindered; and

• Rarity, as one of the few remaining examples from a large number of street trees existing in the 1890s.

source: West Melbourne Heritage Review 2016.


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1900 to date People of the local community.


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