235 Errol Street

235 Errol Street
North Melbourne VIC 3051
photographer: Sue Scarfe

Also known as
Previous Address 205 Errol before council street renumbering Source: 1895 MMBW map
Constructed after 1865
Builder brothers James, John & Albert Thurgood

Timelapse Building Images




source photographer Graeme Butler

Land Details

1. 1895 MMBW Map

2. Compiled Crown Record Plan

3. First crown land purchaser – 21/10/1865, Mr. John Thomas Weir timber merchant & James Thurgood contractor, North Melbourne.

John Thomas Weir purchased land on the corner of Haines and Errol Streets. Weir was married to James Trurgoods’ older sister, Eleanor and they had arrived in Melbourne in the late 1850s. John Weir was a timber merchant, and he set up a timber yard on a portion of the land while James and  his brother, John Joseph Thurgood carpenter, built 235 & 237 homes that the would live in for so many years. Another brother, Albert Thurgood arrived in Melbourne in the early 1860s, and he also resided in Haines Street for a time in the 1870s. The two families had quite the enclave there and had the construction industry all sewn up. Apparently a lane which was used for timber deliveries is still there. Now known as Weir’s lane.

Building Details

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Subsequent Building Alterations

The timber weatherboards have been clad over with fake brick sheeting and can be removed in the future and restored like the house next door at 237 Errol Street has done.

Architectural Features

  • Chimney

    photographer Stephen Hatcher

  • Gate

    photographer Stephen Hatcher

  • Fence

    photographer Stephen Hatcher

  • Roof

    photographer Stephen Hatcher

  • Windows

    photographer Stephen Hatcher

Heritage Significance and Listings

Heritage Listings and Explanatory Notes


From To Owner More Info Data Source
James Thurgood


From To Resident More Info Data Source
James Thurgood

Social History

1900 Mr & Mrs Thomas Prichard welcome the birth of a baby daughter.

The Argus

1880 Sands & McDougal directory showing John Thurgood carpenter, living at 235 and brother James Thurgood contractor, living at 237 Errol Street.

Sands & McDougall directory


Sands & McDougall directory

Context and Streetscape

The current property resides within the municipality of the City of Melbourne. We respectfully acknowledge it is on the traditional land of the Kulin Nation.
source: https://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/SiteCollectionDocuments/history-city-of-melbourne.pdf
historical map source: https://www.slv.vic.gov.au/search-discover/explore-collections-format/maps/maps-melbourne-city-suburbs


This streetscape contains a collection of historic Victorian homes. The homes are socially and historically significant buildings for the early development of North & West Melbourne in their own right.

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