265 Errol Street

265 Errol Street
North Melbourne VIC 3051
source: North Melbourne Library

Also known as Belmont Crescent Source: source: Sands & McDougall directory
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These two buildings on Errol Street North Melbourne were donated by its then owner in the early 1920s to the Baptist church for use as a school. The Baptists occupied it for around 40 years and during that time they did not spend a penny to maintain the buildings, instead they let it to fall into disrepair. In 1966 the building were demolished, and the vacant land was redevelopmed. Today that address on the corner of Errol and Flemington Road is known as the Mercure North Melbourne Motel.

photo source: Ornamental Cast Iron In Melbourne by E. Graeme Robertson 1972


Belmont Crescent. The central part of the balcony was recessed by skillfully constructed projections, with curved ironwork, giving the appearance of small side-wings

photo source: Ornamental Cast Iron In Melbourne by E. Graeme Robertson 1972

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  1. 1895 MMBW Map

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1930. Freely donated by its owner in the early 1920s to the Baptist church. Occupied by the Baptist Union of Victoria as a teaching place called Baptist College until 1966 when it was demolished in January and the vacant land sold off to make way for a motel.

source Sands & McDougall 1950

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