276 Victoria Street

276 Victoria Street
North Melbourne VIC 3051
Also known as
Previous Address 32 Victoria Street before council street renumbering
Constructed 14/12/1897
Style Victorian, Late: 1875-1901
Architect William Pitt

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Land Details

  1. 1895 MMBW map
  2. Compiled Crown Record Plan
  3. First crown land purchaser – Mr. D. Mailer, lots 5 & 6 of section 62, North Melbourne.

Building Details

Ground plan of a row of four two storey terrace houses, each with parlor, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, shed and earth closets at the rear of the yard. The left hand pair have the bathroom upstairs. Also ground floor plans of a shop and adjoining workroom further down Victoria Street. 276-268 & 254-252 Victoria Street North Melbourne.


Subsequent Building Alterations

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Architectural Features

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Heritage Significance and Listings

Heritage Listings and Explanatory Notes


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John Allee


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Social History

If you know more about any earlier families who had a direct connection to this interesting period shop and home, we encourage you to contact us and share their stories and old photos today.

Context and Streetscape



Other Information

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