361 Victoria Street

361 Victoria Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003
photographer: Felicity Jack

Also known as The Three Crowns Hotel
Previous Address
Style Victorian, Mid: 1860-1875
Builder Frederick Stones

Timelapse Building Images

An early print of Three Crowns Hotel, Victoria Street, North Melbourne. Reprint courtesy of Lyn Pfeiffer.

Image held by Melbourne Library Service.


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Social History

361 Victoria Street, SE corner of Victoria and Errol Streets.

The Three Crowns Hotel [18] 1866-

The street name

Like the colony, Victoria Street was named after the young Queen of England who ruled the British Empire from 1837-1901. The empire included colonies in Australia as well as India, present-day Pakistan, Sri Lanka known at that time as Ceylon, parts of Southeast Asia, large portions of Africa, and Canada. Victoria also held the further title of Empress of India from 1876.

The pub name

The name, The Three Crowns, has a double meaning. Firstly, the three wise men that came searching for Jesus when He was born were often shown as three kings, wearing crowns. Secondly, the three crowns of England, Scotland and Wales came together when fames Stuart, King of Scotland and the son of Mary Queen of Scots, came to the throne after Elizabeth I who was already Queen of England and Wales.

Early owners

The first owner, Frederick Stone, built the hotel in two stages that reflect a surge in population at the time. The earlier stage fronts King Street and the later more ornamental wing faces Victoria Street.

Charles Straker one of early Melbourne’s leading caterers was the licensee of The Three Crowns from 1870-1886. He was also president of the Hotham Social and Dramatic Club that staged plays weekly in the United Friendly Society Hall, now the Legion of Mary Hall in Queensberry Street.

The 1960’s

A memory from a later era lingers on in local memory. Some 40 years ago, a barmaid from The Three Crowns who had nowhere to leave her child when she started work early in the morning brought the child to the pub until school started. When the publican objected, the regular clientele threatened to blackball the hotel until a better solution was found and it was.

Historic Pubs of North Melbourne by Hotham History Project.

1867. Frederick Stones, builder applies for a publican’s licence for the Three Crowns Hotel.

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