39 Racecourse Road

39 Racecourse Road
North Melbourne VIC 3051

Also known as
Previous Address 15 and 17 Barwise Street Source: fron the 1895 MMBW map

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  1. 1895 MMBW map
  2. 1895 MMBW map showing 15 Barwise Street land

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Social History

Around 1922 Robert Hayes, former school teacher and after WW1, a clerk, and his wife Nellie Hayes, home duties, lived at 15 Barwise Street.

At first it was called Geelong Road. Later around 1877 its official name was changed to Barwise Street. Then its name was changed again to Racecourse Road by Melbourne Council in 1927.

“Not surprising that the house is no longer there, it would have been a humble abode, I don’t think they ever owned their own home.  Times were tough. My grandfather had been a schoolteacher in Ballarat before leaving for Melbourne, fought in France in WW 1 in the 14th Battalion ( “Jacka’s mob “) , was mentioned in dispatches and gained his commission on the field. He was gassed in the battle of Bullecourt and was a TPI pensioner for the rest of his life.  As I said, these were hard times.”

by Peter Hayes.

source: Australian Electoral Roll and Melbourne Council street card

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