399 Queensberry Street

399 Queensberry Street
North Melbourne VIC 3051
source: North Melbourne Library

Also known as The Lightning Hotel 1855-1857, renamed The Royal Park [26] 1857
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Royal Park Hotel North Melbourne.

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399 Queensberry St, SE corner Howard and Queensberry Streets.

The Lightning Hotel 1855-1857, renamed The Royal Park [26] 1857-

The early name

The Lightning was a super clipper, that is a sailing vessel built and rigged for speed. It caught fire in 1869 but its reputation lived on and until very recently, a lounge at The Albion Hotel carried the name ‘S.S. Lightning’. The importance of clippers to early Melbourne is demonstrated by their place on the city’s coat-of-arms together with the whale, the bull and the golden fleece. Along with these emblems of early Melbourne; there is a clipper set into the footpath outside the Melbourne Town Hall in Swanston Street.

This hotel fairly soon changed its name to The Royal Park and would have overlooked the park when it was first set up.


Howard Street St Mary’s Anglican Church 1859 and associated buildings

Designed by notable architect Lloyd Tayler this bluestone church was built in 1859 and extended in 1868 when the transepts, choir and sanctuary were added. It has had a big influence on the life of the surrounding area. In 1914-1916, the Anglican community wanted to make this reserve ‘a small community within a community’ as well as ‘a social hub for the wider community’. Eight cottages were built along the Chetwynd Street boundary plus a kindergarten and the church hall. Later two blocks of flats were added.

Some of the original idealism lived on in the neighbourhood. For example, during the 1930 depression, food was bought at Victoria market and distributed to the needy of the parish. There was also free entertainment in the hall on Friday nights.

Historic Pubs of North Melbourne by Hotham History Project.

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