46 Dudley Street

46 Dudley Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003
Also known as
Previous Address Originally named Merthyr Source: Photo: State Library of Victoria, Merthyr, 46 Dudley Street West Melbourne by Ritter & Jeppesen Studios photographer 1941
Constructed 1866
Style Victorian, Mid: 1860-1875

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Social History

The house was built in 1866 and was named Merthyr.

It was the home of Phillip Kinneen and his wife Mary nee Kenneally and their children John, Catherine, Margaret and Phillip Kinneen. Mary’s husband Phillip passed away in 1889 at the age of 38 years. He was the brother of the famous Robert Kinneen, bootmaker of Melbourne. Mary lived a further 40 years, raising their four children by herself. She passed away at Merthyr, their home in 1929.(

Death of Phillip-Dinneen.

Leader 5th Oct 1889

Mary Dinneen

AGE 17th Apr 1929

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