464 La Trobe Street

464 La Trobe Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003
photographer: Stephen Hatcher

Also known as
Previous Address
Constructed (1st) 17/5/1851, (latest) 1996
Builder David Aitken

Timelapse Building Images


Signed and dated in image l.l.: A.C. COOKE DEL 1882
Printed below image l.r.: Sands and McDougall, Printers, Melbourne.
Title printed below image l.c.
Printed below image l.l.: Supplement to “The Illustrated Melbourne News”, April, 1882.
Published in: The Illustrated Melbourne News, April 1882.


section of original image, source: State Library of Victoria

Land Details

  1. current map
  2. 1895 MMBW Map
  3. Compiled Crown Record Plan showing Mr. James Linacre was the first crown land purchaser in 1850.
  4. 1850 Government Crown Land Sale

Building Details

1st Notice of intent to build.

Street: Latrobe Street west opposite Henry Langland’s home

Number: 325

Date 17/5/1851

Owner & Builder: David Aitken.

Fee: £3.3.0

Type: House.

Other building work by David Aitken listed below.

Owner Suburb Building State Building Type Builder Build Date (YYYY MM DD) Reg
Moody, George Melbourne VIC Houses; Shops Aitken, David – off Bourke St 1850 05 2 116
Aitken, David Melbourne VIC Houses Aitken, David 1851 05 17 325
Ross, Thomas Melbourne VIC Houses Aitken, david – Little Bourke St 1852 07 6 177
Low, Thomas Fitzroy VIC Houses Aitken, David – Melbourne 1853 07 7 1105
Low, Thomas Factories Aitken, David – Melbourne 1879 2 4 1105

source: Burchett Index

Subsequent Building Alterations

David Aitken’s historic 1851 Victorian dwelling has since been demolished.

This site and other surrounding historic buildings and their land now contains an apartment complex called Royal Flagstaff: 14 storey and two 4 storey buildings containing 146 residential apartments built 1996.


Architectural Features

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Heritage Significance and Listings

Heritage Listings and Explanatory Notes

The two-storey Victoria era dwelling on this land no longer exists, it was demolished to make way for 146 residences.


From To Owner More Info Data Source
1934 to date Private source: Hatcher Index
1926 1933 Southern Cross Manufacturing source: Hatcher Index
1890 1925 Montgomerie & Co, brewing source: Hatcher Index
1886 1889 Robert Montgomerie source: Hatcher Index
1851 1885 David Aitken, a Melbourne Burgess source: Hatcher Index
1850 1851 James Linacre, 1st crown land purchaser source: Hatcher Index
abt 40 thousand years earlier 1835 Boon Wurrung and Woiwurrung (Wurundjeri) peoples of the Kulin Nation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Victoria


From To Resident More Info Data Source
1934 to date Private source: Hatcher Index
1925 1933 Southern Cross Manufacturing source: Hatcher Index
1904 1924 Richard Ruff source: Hatcher Index
1903 1903 Arthur Cumming source: Hatcher Index
1899 1902 John O’Brien source: Hatcher Index
1894 1894 Charles McDonald source: Hatcher Index
1893 1893 L. Christensen source: Hatcher Index
1891 1892 Thomas Dean source: Hatcher Index
1886 1890 Mrs. Mary Wall, daughter of Thomas Jennings & Bridget Conroy source: Hatcher Index
1882 1885 Thomas Jennings, sergeant H.M. 61st Regiment source: Hatcher Index
1877 1879 George B. Hill source: Hatcher Index
1861 1876 Hugh and Agnes Tait nee Wilson and family source: Hatcher Index
1859 1860 John Jones source: Hatcher Index
1858 1858 Francis Barnes source: Hatcher Index
1857 1857 Edward Flynn or Flinn source: Hatcher Index
1856 1856 Mrs. Metcalfe source: Hatcher Index
1855 1855 Theodore Parroh source: Hatcher Index
1853 1853 John Tagnell source: Hatcher Index

Social History

JENNINGS.— On the 18th January, at his residence, 135 Great Latrobe street west, Thomas Jennings, need 79 rears, late sergeant H. M. 61st Regiment Foot,
native- of Ballinrobe, county Mayo, Ireland, and a colonist of over 30 years. May his soul rest in peace.
Beloved father of Mrs. Mary Wall, Messrs. William and James Jennings, of Sydney, and John Jennings, of Echuca.
The 61st (South Gloucestershire) Regiment of Foot was an infantry regiment of the British Army, raised in 1756. Under the Childers Reforms it amalgamated with the 28th (North Gloucestershire) Regiment of Foot to form the Gloucestershire Regiment in 1881.
Active: 10 December 1756–1 July 1881
Branch: British Army. Engagements: Seven Years’ War; Peninsular

source: The Age 1885

Hugh and Agnes Tait background

Hugh Tait was born in the village of Saltcoats in Ayrshire, Scotland 1829, the son of James and Jessie Tait.

Hugh married Agnes Wilson in Victoria in 1858. Agnes was born and baptized in 1831 at Eaglesham, Renfrewshire, Scotland, the daughter of Henry Wilson and Agnes McInnes.

In 1859 they briefly lived on the western side of King Street between little Bourke and Lonsdale Street then they moved to Latrobe Street in 1861 and remained there for fifteen years.

Hugh and Agnes Tait gave birth to eight children in Melbourne between 1858 until 1874. In birth order they were Jessie 1858, Margaret 1861, Emily 1864, Frederick 1866, Alice 1868, Hugh 1869, Flora 1872 and Ada Tait in 1874.

Hugh and Agnes Tait lived in Latrobe Street, West Melbourne and he worked as the foreman at the Metropolitan Gas Company for twenty-seven years.

The Metropolitan Gas Company was set up for the supply of town gas to the city of Melbourne. it was absorbed into the Gas and Fuel Corporation of Victoria in 1951.

The Tait clan left Latrobe Street in 1876 and moved into Albert House, at 78 Hawke Street, West Melbourne where they lived.

Information sourced from Births Deaths and Marriages Victoria, Trove, Council Rate Book records and the State Library of Victoria.

Context and Streetscape


This property resides within the municipality of the City of Melbourne. We respectfully acknowledge it is on the traditional land of the Kulin Nation.
source: https://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/SiteCollectionDocuments/history-city-of-melbourne.pdf
historical map source: https://www.slv.vic.gov.au/search-discover/explore-collections-format/maps/maps-melbourne-city-suburbs


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