470 La Trobe Street

470 La Trobe Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003
image source: 1895 MMBW plan

Also known as
Previous Address
Constructed (1st) 1860s. (2nd) 1879. (3rd) 1996
Builder R. C. Brown

Timelapse Building Images

Royal Flagstaff:14 storey and two 4 storey buildings containing 145 residential apartments. Built 1996.


LaTrobe Street, West Melbourne in 1882

Signed and dated in image l.l.: A.C. COOKE DEL 1882
Printed below image l.r.: Sands and McDougall, Printers, Melbourne.
Title printed below image l.c.
Printed below image l.l.: Supplement to “The Illustrated Melbourne News”, April, 1882.
Published in: The Illustrated Melbourne News, April 1882.


section of original image, source: State Library of Victoria

Land Details

  1. Current map
  2. 1895 MMBW map
  3. Compiled Crown Record Plan showing Mr. James Linacre was the first crown land purchaser in 1850.
  4. 1850 Crown Land Sale report

Building Details

The first dwelling on this site was a timber cottage which was replaced in 1879 by two cottages.

Notice of intent to build.

Street: Latrobe Street west, opposite State School

Number: 7977.

Date 6/5/1879

Owner: John Stewart

Builder: R.C. Brown

Fee: £3.10.0

Type: Two cottages.

Other building work by R. C. Brown listed below.

Architects Owner Suburb Building Type Builder Build Date (YYYY MM DD) Registration no
Tims, Mrs Melbourne Houses Brown, R C – Melbourne 1870 10 24 4180
Brown, R C Carlton Houses Brown, R C 1873 05 7 5384
Brown, R C Parkville Houses Brown, R C 1876 11 1 6981
Stewart, John Melbourne Houses Brown, R C 1879 05 6 7977
Anderson, W – Collins St West Melbourne Factories Brown, R C – Carlton 1882 07 6 9275
Pritchard, – William St Trinity College Trustees Carlton Colleges; alterations Brown, R C – Drummond St 1882 08 24 9333
Terry & Oakden Melbouren Club Trustees Melbourne Hotels; alterations Brown, R C – Drummond St 1883 07 17 385
Brown, R C – Carlton Houses Brown, R C – Brighton Rd St Kilda 1885 07 31 1646
Twentyman & Askew Fink, B J Melbourne Buildings Brown, R C – Brighton Rd St Kilda 1887 11 3 3131
Williams, Frederick Craig, Williamson & Thomas Melbourne Warehouses Brown, R C – Brighton Rd St Kilda 1889 07 16 3995
Crouch, T J Wilson, Mrs E Melbourne Warehouses Brown, R C – Brigthon Rd St Kilda 1889 07 31 4035
Williams, Frederick Peterson & Co Melbourne Office Buildings; Warehouses Brown, R C – Brighton Rd St Kilda 1889 10 2 4142
Twentyman & Askew Brown, R C Melbourne Hotels; Office Buildings; Shops Brown, R C – Brighton Rd St Kilda 1889 12 23 4271
Hyndman & Bates Balcombe, Mrs Melbourne Hotels; Shops; Warehouses Brown, R C – Chancery Lane 1891 10 9 5239
Brown, Mrs R C St Kilda West Houses Brown, R C, Dr 1906 04 2

source: Burchett Index

Subsequent Building Alterations

This site and other surrounding historic buildings and their land now contains an apartment complex called Royal Flagstaff: 14 storey and two 4 storey buildings containing 146 residential apartments built 1996.


Architectural Features

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Heritage Significance and Listings

Heritage Listings and Explanatory Notes

The two-storey Victoria era dwelling on this land no longer exists, it was demolished to make way for 146 residences.


From To Owner More Info Data Source
1934 to date Private source: Hatcher Index
1918 1933 Southern Cross Manufacturing Co source: Hatcher Index
1913 1917 Mary Stewart source: Hatcher Index
1906 1913 Stewart estate source: Hatcher Index
1874 1906 John Stewart source: Hatcher Index
1873 source: Hatcher Index
1850 James Linacre, 1st crown land purchaser source: Hatcher Index
abt 40 thousand years earlier 1835 Boon Wurrung and Woiwurrung (Wurundjeri) peoples of the Kulin Nation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Victoria


From To Resident More Info Data Source
1834 to date Private source: Hatcher Index
1933 1933 Laurence Galea source: Hatcher Index
1931 1932 Robert Owen source: Hatcher Index
1929 1930 Mrs. Annie Watkins source: Hatcher Index
1928 1929 Mrs. Annie Rogers source: Hatcher Index
1924 1927 Mrs. Annie Watson source: Hatcher Index
1918 1923 Mrs. Martha Whateley source: Hatcher Index
1917 1917 Mrs. Marg Mulligan source: Hatcher Index
1916 1916 Mrs. Mary Allen source: Hatcher Index
1915 1915 Mrs. Mary A. Kenny source: Hatcher Index
1904 1915 John Gourlay source: Hatcher Index
1901 1903 Miss Ruby Smith source: Hatcher Index
1899 1901 Charles James source: Hatcher Index
1898 1898 John McGregor source: Hatcher Index
1896 1896 James Hanby source: Hatcher Index
1892 1895 Miss Hannah Daly source: Hatcher Index
1890 1890 Joseph Holmer source: Hatcher Index
1880 1890 Mrs. Catherine Christie source: Hatcher Index
1885 1885 Mrs. Duncan source: Hatcher Index
1881 1881 Mrs. Turner source: Hatcher Index
1877 1879 Mrs. Mary Quinlan nee Kennedy and her twins source: Hatcher Index
1876 1876 Charles Berridge source: Hatcher Index
1875 1875 William Sheeran source: Hatcher Index
1871 1873 Henry Sellwood source: Hatcher Index
1869 1869 William Jeneway source: Hatcher Index
1861 1862 Thos H Cartwright source: Hatcher Index

Social History

Mary Quinlan nee Kennedy – background

Mary Kennedy was born about 1838 in Ireland, the daughter of Patrick and Mary Kennedy.

She arrived in Victoria sometime before 1865, later that year she gave birth to Michael Quinlan.

In 1866 she married the father of her firstborn, Mr. Michael Quinlan. Like Mary, Michael had been born, also in Ireland in 1843, and was the son of Michael Quinlan and Ellen Devitt.

Their son, baby Michael died in infancy, likely caused from generally poor community sanitary conditions and very basic level of medical care and facilities available in the early colony at around that time.

Nine years later, in 1875 Mary gave birth to twins, Bridget and Michael. Her husband Michael had been a manager of the Glenmore Hotel (later called the Carron Tavern) on the south side corner of Batman Street, (formerly Franklin St) West Melbourne, between King and Spencer Streets.

In 1876 Michael Quinlan was assaulted and later died at the age of 33 years, of injuries he received from John Foley, landlord of Foley’s Hotel, Bourke Street, Melbourne. Foley was later charged with manslaughter in January 1876.

Mary Quinlan was left to raise their children as a single parent when she lost husband Michael. She took on odd jobs such as doing washing for other families in the local community.

Life dealt Mary Quinlan a very tough hand. She would have struggled to raise her kids let alone survive without the help of Michael. Unlike today, she had no access to any form of government financial support offered to people in difficult situations these days. As a single parent, Mary had nothing to fall back on, except her own labor and initiative.

In 1877 they moved to Latrobe Street and lived there until 1879.

She was charged in 1879 with being, the “keeper of a disorderly house”. She once occupied a respectable position, but since the death of her husband, she had fallen in with “evil companions” and became “depraved”. Inspector Montfort stating that he only wanted to arrest the downward career of Mary Quinlan.

Tragically her son Michael died at the age of seventeen years in 1893. The whereabouts of her daughter Bridget Quinlan, whether she survived to live a happy productive life or not, is unknown.

Information sourced from Births Deaths and Marriages Victoria, Trove, Council Rate Book records and the State Library of Victoria.

image: State Library

Franklin Street, West Melbourne.

Glenmore Hotel, Michael Quinlan.

source: Sands & McDougall directory 1867

Birth and death of Mary and Michael Quinlan’s three children in the state of Victoria.

source: Births Deaths and Marriages Victoria

Marriage record of Mary Kennedy to Michael Quinlan in Victoria in 1866.

source: Births Deaths and Marriages Victoria

Context and Streetscape


This property resides within the municipality of the City of Melbourne. We respectfully acknowledge it is on the traditional land of the Kulin Nation.
source: https://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/SiteCollectionDocuments/history-city-of-melbourne.pdf
historical map source: https://www.slv.vic.gov.au/search-discover/explore-collections-format/maps/maps-melbourne-city-suburbs


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