474 La Trobe Street

474 La Trobe Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003
image source: 1895 MMBW plan

Also known as
Previous Address
Constructed 28/4/1851
Builder George Reid of Little Bourke Street

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Land Details

  1. current map
  2. 1895 MMBW Map
  3. Compiled Crown Record Plan showing Mr. Charles Ellershaw was the first crown land purchaser in 1850.
  4. 1850 Government Crown Land Sale

Building Details

Notice of intent to build.

Street: Latrobe Street near West

Number: 274

Date 28/4/1851

Owner & Builder: George Reid – labourer, off Little Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Fee: £2.10.0

Type: House.

George Reid’s house description in his Last Will

A two story brick residence 14 feet frontage to Latrobe Street containing 6 rooms built 30 years ago (1851) and known as number 474 Latrobe Street occupied by the testator at and for some years prior to his death as a residence.

Other building work by George Reid listed below.

Owner Suburb Building Type Builder Build Date (YYYY MM DD) Registration no
Reid, George – labourer – off Little Bourke Melbourne Houses Reid, George 1851 04 28 274
Reid, George Fitzroy Houses Reid, George 1852 10 5 355
Reid, George – Hanover St Fitzroy Houses Reid, George 1853 04 4 525

source: Burchett Index

Subsequent Building Alterations

George Reid’s historic dwellings no longer exist.

Architectural Features

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Heritage Significance and Listings

Heritage Listings and Explanatory Notes


From To Owner More Info Data Source
1934 to date Private source: Hatcher Index
1908 1933 Charles Markham source: Hatcher Index
1899 1907 Mary Ann Mitchell, daughter of George & Margaret Reid source: Hatcher Index
1898 1898 Reid trustees source: Hatcher Index
1851 1898 George & Margaret Reid source: Hatcher Index
1850 1850 Charles Ellershaw, 1st Crown land purchaser source: Hatcher Index
abt 40 thousand years earlier 1835 Boon Wurrung and Woiwurrung (Wurundjeri) peoples of the Kulin Nation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Victoria


From To Resident More Info Data Source
1934 to date Private source: Hatcher Index
1933 1933 Arthur & Isabel Burnie source: Hatcher Index
1931 1932 Vera Barter source: Hatcher Index
1924 1930 Samuel Sampson source: Hatcher Index
1921 1923 James Leitch source: Hatcher Index
1919 1920 Robert McPherson source: Hatcher Index
1913 1919 Robert & Isabella Shaw source: Hatcher Index
1912 1912 George Collins source: Hatcher Index
1911 1911 Miss Mary Casey source: Hatcher Index
1908 1910 Mrs. Mary Markham source: Hatcher Index
1908 1909 Charles & Mary Markham source: Hatcher Index
1907 1907 Thomos Rigg source: Hatcher Index
1906 1906 John Ashlin source: Hatcher Index
1905 1905 Miss Maria Murphy source: Hatcher Index
1903 1904 Mrs. Mary Kennedy source: Hatcher Index
1902 1902 Margaret Weiss source: Hatcher Index
1899 1901 Mrs. Pheobe Wiltshire source: Hatcher Index
1851 1898 George and Margaret Reid and family source: Hatcher Index

Social History

From Union Memorial Presbyterian Church (Curzon Street) Jubilee History 1854-1904. Members of the choir include Mary Reid, daughter of George and Margaret Reid of Latrobe Street, West Melbourne.

source: North Melbourne Library


George Reid and Margaret Bichan family.

The 1849 shipping record for the Lord George Bentinck, shows it was a barque of 592 tons commanded by Edward D. Edgell. It departed Gravesend, England, 17 Dec 1848 carrying 243 emigrants, all in steerage and she arrived 15 weeks later, in Port Phillip Bay on the 1st of April 1849, with passengers disembarking at Williamstown.

The ship carried mainly agricultural and servant workers from England and Scotland. It included 173 adults, 32 children over the age of 7 and 38 children under the age of 7. During the voyage, there were 4 births and 5 deaths onboard. (3 infants, 1 man who fell overboard and a woman who died onboard the ship whilst in Port Phillip Bay prior to them docking.

George Reid and his wife Mary were two of its passengers. The ships record stated their ages were 28 and 24 years, respectively with George’s occupation shown as a laborer.

George Reid was born in 1821 in the north of Scotland while his wife Margaret was born in 1825. The ships record stated their native place was Dennis, Orkney Islands, Scotland. They were Presbyterians and both could read and write. The record also showed the name of William King of Moonee Ponds who was George’s assigned employer, at the wage rate of 28 pounds per year.

George was the son of George Reid and Margaret Johnston according to records given by the family on his death certificate, while Margaret was the daughter of George Bicharr or Bichan and Ann Matches.

According to the 1841 Scottish census, twenty-year-old George Reid was living at Netherstove, Orkney Island and worked for Edward and Jane Rich as an agricultural laborer.

George and Margaret married sometime between 1841 and 1849 because she is listed as his wife on the shipping arrival record for 1849.

Margaret Reid gave birth to their first child called Francis Henry Reid in 1852. Then William was born in 1854 followed by Mary Ann in 1855, Robert in 1858 and finally Jane in 1861, whilst they lived at 474 Latrobe Street, West Melbourne.

In 1883 George and Margaret’s daughter, Mary Ann was married at the residence of the bride’s parents to William Innes Mitchell, the eldest son of George Mitchell of Liardet-street, Sandridge.

The following year George’s wife Margaret died at the age of 60 and was interred at Carlton Cemetery.

The death notice in 1897 for George Reid in the Argus newspaper stated that George Reid had been a resident of Latrobe Street for 46 years.

Information sourced from Births Deaths and Marriages Victoria, Trove, Council Rate Book records and the State Library of Victoria.

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