510 La Trobe Street

510 La Trobe Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003
photographer: Stephen Hatcher
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Constructed 1928
Architect Mr Robert J. Haddon and Col. W. A. Henderson

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Land Details

  1. 1895 MMBW plan

Building Details

A large factory building is now in course of construction at 510-516 Latrobe street, to the order of the Firdaw Engineering Supply Co. Ltd., hardware merchants.
The site was originally ”occupied by a two-storey brick factory and, two semi-detached cottages. These were of interest in having been built of hand-made and wire-cut bricks of early Melbourne.
Tho old buildings have been demolished, and the foundations of the new one laid down.
The new building, for which Mr Robert J. Haddon and Col. W. A. Henderson, F.R.I.B.A,- are the architects, will consist of two extensive floors of warehouse construction to bear heavy loading; the floors being of reinforced concrete, supported, upon heavy concrete columns.
There are offices upon the ground floor, which is well lighted both back and front; a central driveway being arranged from Latrobe street to right-of-way at the rear.
A feature of the lighting at the back is that all windows are so constructed as to resist fire; all doors are also cased in metal sheathing. The roof is of a form known as “saw tooth construction” and allows for and even south (neutral)  light to flood the interior.

source: The Herald 1928

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