57 Roden Street

57 Roden Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003
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Land Details

lot 11 section 53

Roden Street section of the Building Allotments Melbourne Map 1864 by Dept of Lands and Survey.

Building Details

The first recorded house built in Roden Street West Melbourne was on the 21st of February 1854.(1) It was located on lot 11 section 53, being the corner of Roden and King Street in West Melbourne.

Public Records Office of Victoria, VPRS 9288. Melbourne City Council, intention to build register, registration no 347. Owner and builder William J T Clarke

The house was constructed of wood and was to be the home of Mrs Jane Maloney and where it is believed her son Dr. William Robert Maloney was born in 1854.

Geoffrey Serle, ‘Maloney, William Robert (1854–1940)’, Australian Dictionary of Biography.

William Robert Maloney (1854-1940), humanitarian and politician, son of Jane Maloney, née Dowling, being supported by her brother-in-law W. J. T. ‘Big’ Clarke. Jane had married Denis Maloney in Sydney in 1847 and they later joined the Californian gold rush. Maloney was entered in the baptismal register as William’s father, but he and Jane had parted. Many people came to assume that Clarke was the father and he provided for the boy in his will.

Geoffrey Serle, ‘Maloney, William Robert (1854–1940)’, Australian Dictionary of Biography.

1st House in Roden Street built by William Clarke (Big Clarke).

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