58 Dudley Street

58 Dudley Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003
Also known as
Previous Address Source: Photo: Heritage Council of Victoria, image places/64809
Constructed 1862
Style Victorian, Mid: 1860-1875

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1862 John Harbinson, a Melbourne City Councillor and MLA PROV. VPRS 9288, unit 8, year 1862


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Social History

Classified by the National Trust of Victoria in 1979, the set of 4 terraces were originally built by John Harbinson, a Melbourne City Councillor and MLA, on 26th March 1862, overlooking the Flagstaff Hill, so named because one of the earliest Government Houses stood on the hill and on its flagstaff a flag was flown whenever the English mail arrived in port by ship.

PROV. VPRS 9288, unit 8, year 1862

John Harbison was living in Rosslyn Street West Melbourne in 1865 and owned 50 acres of farm land in Essendon at that time.

Argus, 30th Sept 1865, page 8

One of Australia’s most famous citizens, the soldier-engineer General Sir John Monash was born in Dudley Street, West Melbourne, Victoria, June 1865, the son of Louis Monash and his wife Bertha, née Manasse.

Louis and Bertha’s home was in one of a terrace of four, two story houses named Rich Hill Terrace, at number 58 to 64 Dudley Street.

Wikipedia, Sir John Monash

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