60 Roden Street

60 Roden Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003
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Land Details

1. 1895 MMBW map

2. Compiled Crown Record Plan

3. Historic 1945 land record – Mr. Alan George Nicholson, Engineer and land owner.

4. First crown land purchaser – John Alison & Andrew Halley Knight.

John Alison (or Allison) was a successful flour miller in Victoria.

Powered milling commenced in February 1841 when Allison and Knight’s Steam Mill commenced operation at the foot of William Street near the Yarra River. [MILLS OF THE PLENTY, Gary Vines]

Andrew Halley Knight was a politician in colonial Victoria, a member of the Victorian Legislative Council. Knight was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and arrived in the Port Phillip District in 1838. He farmed sheep in Kalkallo, Victoria and later became a merchant in Melbourne.

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