Taylor, James (1828-1872)

James & Jane Taylor lived at 25 Miller Street West Melbourne. (previously known as house number 13)

James Taylor was born about 1828 in Crewe Cheshire England to parents Henry & Catherine Taylor nee Smith. In 1847 at the age of 19, James married Jane Rogers at Cheshire. Jane Rogers was born about 1824 in Stafford-shire England, her father’s name was William Rogers. It is thought the Taylor family emigrated to the Port Phillip district around 1853.

James and Jane Taylor had ten children, some born in England and others born in Australia. In birth order they were Elizabeth, Robert, Sarah, Catherine, Mary Jane, Ann Emma, Alfred Thomas, Catherine 2, Catherine 3 and Jane Francis Taylor.

James Taylor was as a contractor ‘James Taylor 13 Miller Street West Melbourne’ in the Burchett index and was responsible for buildings in East, North and West Melbourne between the 1860’s until his accidental death on the 21st February 1872 at the age of 44years. In 1872 an inquest into the accidental death stated James left a wife and four children.

Significant building works carried out by James Taylor are listed below.

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Building IDArchitectsOwnerSuburbBuilding StateBuilding TypeBuilderBuild Date (YYYY MM DD)Registration no
85102 Taylor, James – Napier between Greeves & JohnstonFitzroyVICHouses; ShopsTaylor, James1856 03 27219
81498 Phillips, Wm – Iron MoulderEast MelbourneVICHousesTaylor, James – 11 Miller St West Melb.1868 11 172935
72692 McInnes, –West MelbourneVICHousesTaylor, James – MillerSt1869 10 123503
72256 Grier,-West MelbourneVICHousesTaylor, James – Melbourne1869 11 63557
77491 Taylor, JamesWest MelbourneVICHousesTaylor, James1870 02 243762
71897 Hughes, W HWest MelbourneVICBuildingsTaylor, James – 11 Miller St1870 04 233871

Taylor, Alfred Thomas (1859-1908)

Alfred Thomas Taylor was born in West Melbourne in 1859 and lived at 25 Miller Street West Melbourne in his youth. At the age of 23 he married Ann Underdown. Ann hailed from the UK island of Guernsey and arrived in Melbourne in 1870.

Like his father James Taylor, Alfred was also a successful artisan builder in Melbourne in the business partnership listed as ‘Taylor & Duguid of 11 Miller Street West Melbourne’ and as “A

It is believed Alfred Thomas Taylor built amongst other things, the railway signal control rooms located near the corner of Bellair Street and Macaulay Road, Kensington.

Significant building works carried out by Taylor & Duguid are listed below.

Building IDArchitectsOwnerSuburbBuilding StateBuilding TypeBuilderBuild Date (YYYY MM DD)Registration no
71368 McTonkin, JWest MelbourneVICHousesTaylor & Duguid1871 07 284487
73741 Leister, CharlesMelbourneVICHotels; alterationsTaylor & Duguid1871 03 184342
74510 Mutual Provident SocietyMelbourneVICOffice BuildingsTaylor & Duguid1877 02 157081
76141 Smith & FergusonMelbourneVICWarehousesTaylor & Duguid – 11 Miller St West Melb.1874 11 176141
76840Elliott, WMcCracken’s BreweryMelbourneVICalterationsTaylor & Duguid – 12 Miller St West Melb1879 03 217935
71536 Jackson, J & RDMelbourneVICWarehousesTaylor & Duguid – 12-13 Miller St West Melb1872 05 144820
76124 Ferguson, JMelbourneVICWarehousesTaylor & Duguid – 12-13 Miller St West Melb.1871 10 314618
77001 Cakebread – GMelbourneVICHousesTaylor & Duguid – 13 Miller St West Melb1871 02 234312
77368 MC. Grotty, –West MelbourneVICHousesTaylor & Duguid – 13 Milller St, West Melb.1870 11 264222
77369 Taylor, ThosWest MelbourneVICHousesTaylor & Duguid, Melbourne1871 05 224412
74516 Mutual Provident SocietyMelbourneVICOffice BuildingsTaylor & Duguild1877 10 97370

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Table source: https://www.mileslewis.net/australian-architectural/

Main source: Public Records Office of Victoria, BDM Victoria and the Melbourne edition of the Sands & McDougall directoy.

Alfred & Elizabeth Taylor nee Underdown – the Taylor family