Street Names

The main streets of Bearbrass (Melbourne) never had a chance to assume their names organically — if they had you can bet that there would have been a Fawkner Street among them. But we might also have been endowed names like Sickle Street, Bullock-bog Road, Waterhole Road, and Stump Street, as well as the obvious Forest Street, Hill Street, Mill Street, Church Street, Docks Road and so on.

When the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Richard Bourke, visited the settlement in ea. 1837, he named the streets after the usual crowd of royalty, dignitaries and Great Men — himself included.

In years to come, no one was quite sure precisely which monarchs he had intended to honour and whose wife Elizabeth was. But nobody liked to ask.(1)

Source (1) Robyn Annear. Bearbrass : Imagining Early Melbourne.