Hotham Place

In 1855 North Melbourne was made a separate ward of the City of Melbourne and was called Hotham after the Lieutenant Governor of the time.

It adopted his coat of arms, which may be seen on the fountain by Town Hall in Errol Street.

Hotham became a municipality in 1859, a borough in 1863, a town in 1874, changed its name to North Melbourne in 1887 and was annexed to the city of Melbourne in 1905. For over 30 years its name was Hotham.

Sir Charles Hotham hailed from Suffolk, England. His record of naval and diplomatic achievements made his appointment as Lt. Governor in 1853 an impressive one. He was welcomed with great popular acclaim but it did not last.

Whatever it may have been in the past, Hotham Place today does not have to live up to North Melbourne’s original vice-regal name. But there is Hotham Hill — and the Fountain.(1)

Source. Northern Advertiser, 23/11/1972. Blanchard collection, “What’s in a Name” at North Melbourne Library.

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