Molesworth Street

The service to early Victoria of either or both of two men accounts for this North Melbourne street name.

Sir William Molesworth, graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge, shared with one other, the role of chief spokesman of the Colonial Reform Association, London, whose main policies, very liberal to the colonies, gained official adoption. Later, as Secretary for the Colonies, he drafted a Bill which reconciled conflicting definitions in three other Drafts, and gave Victoria a Constitution for responsible Government. He approved Governor Hotham’s financial policies, but severely and bluntly criticised him in other matters.

Sir Robert Molesworth, graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, in Arts and Law, practiced for several years in the Munster Circuit, South Ireland, and migrated to Adelaide in 1852, shortly afterwards moving to Melbourne. In 1854 he was appointed Solicitor General, in which capacity he had to assist the Attorney General in the futile prosecution of the Ballarat “rebels”.

Our Molesworth Street in North Melbourne is well-named.(1)

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