Carroll Street

Carroll Street North Melbourne. Photographer: Stephen Hatcher 2019.

Carroll Street North Melbourne, near Pleasance Gardens running between Canning and Erskine Streets was built on an early bluestone quarry site (1) once owned by Hugh Peck.

North Melbourne Advertiser 4/5/1875

Early 1860’s the piece of land known as Crown Section 85A had been set aside as a proposed reserve for a public park, however for some reason the land got subdivided up by the Crown into house blocks with a road down the middle and sold off.

Town Allotments Hotham 1858. SLV

Carroll street is thought to have been named after a local Hotham identity of Irish background, Councilor James Carroll (1815-1895) Esq. J.P. (2)

Carroll Street sits between Canning Street, also named after an Irish politician, George Canning and Erskine Street, said to have been named after Thomas Erskine known as the “Advocate of All” for his contribution as a Lawyer and later politician.

North Melbourne did well to sandwich Carroll Street between Canning and Erskine streets — symbols of Politics balanced on Law.

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source: (1) North Melbourne Advertiser, 4th May 1875 page 2. (2) Men of Hotham, author Heather McKay, publisher Hotham History Project, page 22.

8 Carroll Street
North Melbourne VIC 3051
Also known as Address Edmonton Terrace (1-8 before 1889) now known as 8 to 14 Carroll Street
Previous Address 1 Carroll Street (before 1889)
Constructed 1876/77
Style Victorian : 1840-1890
Builder brothers James, John & Albert Thurgood