West Melbourne's History

West Melbourne Suburb Timeline


West Melbourne Structure Plan

West Melbourne Structure Plan

The City of Melbourne has approved a revised structure plan for West Melbourne in February 2018.  The structure plan focuses on 3 key areas of community concern:  traffic calming measures, planning controls and community amenity. West Melbourne is a long-established area with a strong community, diverse mix of housing, warehouses..Read More....


Festival Hall is Built

Festival Hall was built by John Wren in 1915 and became metropolitan Melbourne’s main venue for boxing and wrestling. The structure was rebuilt in 1956 after being burnt down the year before, and was the Olympic Games venue for gymnastics and wrestling. In the 1950s and 1960s it became an..Read More....


Suburb becomes part of the Melbourne City Council

The suburbs now known as North Melbourne and West Melbourne became part of the Melbourne City Council zone in 1905.


St Mary’s Star of the Sea is Built

St Mary’s Star of the Sea is Built

St Mary’s Star of the Sea, a Catholic Church,, started construction in 1891 and was completed in 1900. It is a large sandstone building which still survives on Victoria Street. It is constructed from Barrabool sandstone to a French Gothic design and shows the fund-raising capacity of the large Catholic..Read More....


First Church Built in West Melbourne

Being on the edge of a booming Melbourne, West Melbourne was quickly inhabited. Presbyterian and Catholic church services began in the early 1850s, and in 1854 the first church was built on the Catholic reserve in Victoria Street


First School opened in West Melbourne

A school was opened in King Street in 1853. It was replaced by a State school in 1875 at the corner of King and Roden Streets. The building is on the Victorian Heritage Register, although the school closed in 1992.


The Benevolent Asylum is Built

The Benevolent Asylum is Built

In 1851 a Benevolent Asylum was built between Abbotsford and Curzon Streets, straddling what is now known as Victoria Street.


First Construction in West Melbourne

In 1842 the first institution of significance constructed in the West Melbourne area was a cattle yard at the corner of Elizabeth and Victoria Streets (now the Queen Victoria Market).